Currently T C McKeown engineering t/a Q Mac Silo smanufacture four different types of silos and bins for a range of agricultural applications including, animal feeding, seed storage and fertiliser too.



8 Tonne QMAC Center Discharge for Bucket, Bag or Barrow. 7'4" Diameter, Overall Height approx 22ft


QMAC 10 Tonne Split Center Discharge for Bagging or Barrow Outlet Suitable for Auger or Conveyor Feeder at Later Date


23 Tonne Split QMAC Diet Feeder Bin on Galvanised Drive Through Gantry - Short Button Cone


QMAC 18 Tonne Diet Feeder Free Standing Bing Long Bottom Cone Giving Better Meal


14 Tonne QMAC Bulk Bin, Filling Diet Feeder


12 Tonne QMAC Split Bin on Low Gantry Suitable for Front Bucket or Reversing


12 Tonne QMAC Diet Feeder Bin on Galvanised Drive Through Gantry


12 Tonne QMAC Split Gravity Silo Chute Discharge into Bucket, Bag or Barrow


12 Tonne QMAC Center Discharge Sheeted to Ground


The method of construction of a fibreglass silo is very important.

The techniques and processes used by our supplier result in a product of the highest quality.

Preformed in an internal mould, the manufacturing process for the main body section creates a smooth, external painted finish.

The techniques used include matting, rolling and resin application as well as fibreglass spraying.

This produces a layering effect which gives the silo greater thickness and, consequently, greater strength.

We create the conte of the silo with an external mould to ensure a highly polished, internal surface.

This has obvious benefits concerning feed-flow out of the silo.

A single waterproof horizontal seam joins the main body and the cone. Then the silo is fitted with fully galvanized steel legs, which act as fill and exhaust pipe.

There are strong bracing supports between the legs and the collar of the silo giving maximum stability.

By curving the pneumatic fill-pipe, we can avoid damage to the feed during filling.

Finally, the body is finished in white or you can have your silo in attractive British racing green, which can be personalised to suit individual requirements.

Fibreglass Bin with Auger

Dual Purpose Fibreglass Silo

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