With more homes and businesses switching to renewable energies, the demand for wood chip and wood pellet storage is increasing and one local company leading the way in meeting that demand is T.C. McKeown Engineering t/a Q Mac Silos, based near Stewartstown, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, approx 6 miles from Cookstown/Dungannon.

Our family run company has over 40 years of experience supplying quality silos to the farming, construction and foods related industries, and have been for some time the all Ireland agents for the Q Mac Fibreglass Silos to the renewable energy sector as well as manufacturing our own Q Mac Galvanised Bespoke Wood pellet/chip silos.

Our firm's main products are galvanised, fibreglass, stainless steel and aluminium storage bins/silos offering capacities from 1 to over 90+ tonnes. They can also be supplied in various colours if required.

From research into domestic/private houses one of the main criteria for a wood pellet silo is to be as visibly discreet as possible so as not to take away from the appearance of the house itself. If possible it can be hidden out of view behind a garage, wall, fence etc. However if this is not possible then we do our best to produce storage that 'does not to look out of place.' We supply/manufacture minimum three and a half tonne silos which look aesthetically good. The silos can be made in a range of colours so as to 'blend in' with specific house or garage features.

In Industrial projects, then large silos are usually required to hold pellet or chip. These silos can be made to the client's specific needs, i.e. Size, colour, appearance etc.

Also for the renewable sector we manufacture waterproof 'self contained mobile containers' to the client's specification and size. Wood pellet/chip burner's, water tank, electrics, plumbing etc are all contained within the one unit. Completely manufactured at our works and if required before delivery to site it can be fully kitted out, with plumbing, electrics etc so in order to save time on site. Solar panels can be attached to the outside of the container to contribute to heating the project.

If a level concrete base is laid on site then both the wood pellet/chip silo and the mobile container can be delivered and craned onto the base, quickly connected to the main plumbing and electric supplies, thus leaving all the renewable energy products easy accessible and all in the one area.

Please click here for the images and pdf's of our silos

WOOD PELLET - 33m3 (approx. 21.5 Tonne) 3m diameter Galvanised wood pellet silo SHEETED TO GRD LEVEL.pdf


BESPOKE WOOD PELLET - 22.5m3 (14.5 Tonne) BUNKER Galvanised storage silo.jpg

WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 29m3 (approx 18.5 Tonne) storage silo on 3 No WEIGH CELLS and painted to clients required colour.jpg

WOOD PELLET - 2 No 31m3 (approx 20 tonne) Galvanised wood pellet silos and manufactured to requirements with flat roofs.jpg

GALFAN details.jpg

WOOD PELLET - 29m3 (approx 18.5 tonne) SHEETED TO GROUND LEVEL + boiler plant container.jpg

BOILER CONTAINER - 6m x 2.5m container incorporating all heating elements under one roof .jpg

WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 29m3 (approx 18.5 tonne) Woodpellet storage silo.jpg

MULTI FUEL - Bespoke 22m3 (approx 14 tonne w/pellet) multi fuel silo on weigh cells.jpg

WOOD PELLET - 46m3 (approx 30 tonne) galvanised 3m diam x 9.5m high.jpg

WOOD CHIP - BESPOKE 104m3 wood chip storage silo at leisure centre.jpg

BOILER CONTAINER - 4m x 2.5m x 2.5m high, with sloped roof to incorporate burner, water tank etc.jpg

WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 20m3 (approx 12 tonne) Bespoke 4m x 3m x 3m high painted storage silo incorporating 'Delox volumetric cable'.jpg

WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 18m3 (approx 12 tonne) SHEETED TO G/LEVEL storage silo 6.7m high.jpg

BESPOKE WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 17m3 (approx 11 tonne) 4m x 3m x 3m high TWIN storage silo .jpg

WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 29m3 (approx 18.5 tonne) SHEETED TO G/LEVEL storage silo 7.25m high.jpg(client to extend base as too small).jpg

WOOD PELLET PAINTED - 41.5m3 (approx 27 tonne) storage silo 3m diameter x 6.7m high.jpg

FIBREGLASS WOOD PELLET - With 45 degree cone and available in 6m3 (3.9 tonne) or 8.3m3 (5.4 tonne).jpg

FIBREGLASS WOOD PELLET (cont'd) - With 45 degree cone and available in 6m3 (3.9 tonne) or 8.3m3 (5.4 tonne).jpg

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29m³ (approx. 18 tonne) Galvanised Wood pellet storage silo, 3m diameter and 6m x 2.5m self contained mobile container installed for the Fire authority in Armagh.

104m³ Wood chip storage silos, 5.25 diameter for Omagh District Council who installed a biomass boiler at the towns Leisure Centre.

15m³ Fibreglass silos were installed for wood pellet storage at a large supermarket and also at an Aerospace company.

17 m³ (approx 11 tonne) Twin Wood pellet storage for primary school

22m³ , 3m diameter Galvanised silo for wood chips with guarded access ladder to roof, attached to a frame with weigh cells, at A.F.B.I. Hillsborough. This silo is manually filled by a front load shovel; it can hold many different materials in order that the research centre can assess their economic potential as a further source of renewable energy.

33m³ (approx 21.5 tonne) galvanised wood pellet silo, 3mØ sheeted to ground level and overall height of 8.1m. Explosion panel and volume sensor unit fitted.

Silos can be tailored made if outside space is at a minimum e.g. conversion of disused lift shaft at Monastery for wood pellets.


T.C. McKeown Engineering/Q Mac Silos
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Telephone 028 8673 7312
Fax 028 8673 6700

Web - www.qmacsilos.co.uk

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